253 Household Memberships

Thank you to the 253 households who have joined the Franklin Community Association for 2022 so far. Our goal is to get to 400 households this year. Franklin has over 1,100 homes, so we know it is possible!

We’d like to thank our current Franklin Community Association members who joined us in Q1 and Q2 of 2022. This list will be updated each quarter to reflect new members who have joined. Our membership drive is in January of each year, though we encourage you to join or donate to the FCA at any time. Franklin Community Park is paid for, maintained, and insured by FCA member dues and donations, not the Village of Franklin.

Thank you to our current members

Abarius, Michael and Laura
Ahsan, Muhammad and Samira
Al-Azem, Imad and Raida
Alpiner, Neal and Karen
Alterman, Edward and Kari
Arnold, Robert Jr. and  Carol
Badamo, Don and Dee Dee
Balusu, Prashanth and Sashi Chilakapati
Bayram, Elizabeth and Benjamin
Bevins, Kate and Nick
Bienhold, Christian and Kelley
Bishop, Ken and Jacalyn
Boyce, Douglas and Vanessa
Brakeman, Randall and Arlene
Brassfield, Michael and Eva
Brodsky, Dina and Herman
Brooks-Fava, Catherine and  Fava, Dominic
Brown, Enid
Brundirks, Donald and Patricia
Campbell, Kay
Cangialosi, Anna and David Doolittle
Canvasser, Marci and Charles
Carleton, Timothy and Debra
Carswell, Lorie
Chaldecott, Lance and Dena
Cohen, Ronald and Linda
Cohen, Steven and Susan
Colton, Michael and Michelle
Damman, Lisa and Marc
David, Rick and Denise
Davis, Kerry and Maxine
Delandsheer, Nathan and Liz
Deutchman, James and Cathy
Dickinson Thomas and Michele Shoha
Dishell, Don and Elissa
Dishell, Gail
Downing, Mark and Nena
Drain, Shelley
Dufour, Ruth and Bernie
Dumas, Beth and Jeffrey
Dunn, Jan and Marc
Dunn, Lisa and Charles
Dunstone, John and Liz Foley
Emily Hutchison
Enguehard, Janet
Erlich, Andrew and Katherine
Ewing, Paul and Mary Sue
Fenkell, Bradley and Megan
Fershtman, Julie and Robert Bick
Finkiewicz, Daniel and Virginia Carey
Finnicum, Brownlee
Finnicum, William and Mariah
Fisher, Bruce and Laurie
Fisher, Dr. Myda Korkigian
Forsyth, Bob and Peggy
Frankel, David and Laura Champagne
Franklin Auto Service
Franklin Garden Club
Frick, Mark/Leslie
Friedman, Aviva and Dean
Gannes, Deborah and James
Gay,Joseph and Karen Knox
Geoffrey, King
Goldberg, Fred and Barbara
Goodman, Mark and Terri
Gorback, Benjamin and Faye
Gordon, Marvin and Sylvia
Gorge, Michael and Wendy
Graham, Charles and Princella
Graves, Gail
Grosinger, Amy and Eric
Gross, Carl and Kristen
Gruskin, Michael and Laura
Hanke, Angela
Hansen, Pamela
Hanson, Jason and Kathleen
Harrison, Margaret
Harryvan, Eileen
Harvill, Monte and Karol Otteman
Herman Richard and Deborah Tyner
Hewer, Robert and Penelope
Hinga, James and Lynnette
Hinnant, Robert and Kathleen
Holiday, John and Mary Ellen
Hooberman, Paul and Carol
Howard, Steve and Diana
Howell, Mathew and Wagner, Julie
Huda School and Montessori
Hurlbert, Heath and Kathy
Hutchison, Emily
Jacob, Andy and Linda
Jacob, Connie
Jacob, Susan and Michael
Jacobs, Judy and Bill
Jacobs, Richard and Danuta
Jallad, Nasser and Samia
Jeffery, Shirleyand Horton, Jill
Kahn, Ellen
Kahn, Neil and Susan
Katz, Gregory and Laurie
Keais, Garrett and Kathleen
Keller, Paul and Jacquelyn
Kelly, Kevin and Vicki
Kent, Bernard and Nina
Ketai, James and Sherri
Knicely, Solomon and Cathy
Kokoszka, Aleksandr and Stephanie
Kopelman, Jeffrey and Sandra
Koslowski, Richard and Pam Stec
Kovach, Charles and Barbara
Kozicki, Derek and Jennifer
Krasnick, Neal and Sarah
Krieg, Bill and Shelley
Kukes, Daniel and Sherri
Kutinsky, Brian and Michael Neuman
Lamott, Bill and Ann
Lazewnik,  Rabbi and Chana Miryam
Levin, Richard and Karen
Levine, Barry and Sheila
Levy, Robert and Andrea
Levytsky, Susan and Mark Swayder
Lieder, Karl and Suzanne
Lincoln, Rebecca and Scheinfield, Adam
Llope, Rick and Ginny
Loewe, Christopher and Elyse Van Houzen
Ludwig, Albert and Cindy
Lurz, Olivier and Julie Manning
Madhavan, Arti
Madhavan, Filis and Santhosh
Manning, Walter Allan and Saundra
Martz, Sandra and Steven
Maxey, Alecia and Thomas
Mcclow, Roger and Suzanne
McDonald, R. Hunter and Christine
McIntyre, Alice and Leo
Melekian, Charles and JoAnn
Mendelson, Jody and Shelly
Metti, Tania
Mondry, Sheila and Mitchell
Moray, Muriel and Bernie
Morris, Larry and Liz
Murdoch, William and Amanda
Myers, Lynn
Neff Jodi and Kevin
Negrut, Olga and Florin
Newman, Joel and Viola
Novak, Eric and Linda
Nusbaum, Robert and Lori
Obeid, Jawad and Ranya Obeid
Osher, David and Barbara
Pancotto, Christine
Passer, Sanford and Brenda
Pepper, Jay and Susan
Pont, Lloyd and Chris
Pope, Norma
Pulker, John and Eileen
Pullman, Lisa and Tom
Raphael, Michael and (Saraiya) Kiran
Ratola, John and Veronica
Reiners John and Marcy Fisher
Richardson, Kristopher and Alyssa
Ring, Eunice
Roberts, Gary and Debbie
Robinson, Teri and Carrie
Rollo, Judy and William
Ruhlman, Lynn Anna, and Bridget
Ryan, Heather and Kenneth
Saad, Nazih and June
Sandberg, Daniel
Saulson, Michelle and Eli
Schiano, Dominic and Cindy
Schmerin, Denise
Schultheiss, Wade and Judith
Schultz, Nicolai  “Nico” and Amy
Schwartz, Alan and Sandra
Scot, Jared and Kelley Lipski
Sefiedine, Ali and Sabrina
Seltzer, Michael and Lori
Serwer, Susie and Hal
Sessink, Warren and Patty
Sheffield, Nancy
Simon, Dr. John and Joanie
Sklar, Robert and Brenda Moskovitz
Slim, Moungi and Sue
Smart, Thomas and Valerie
Smith, Stephen and Melissa Jones
Sorser, Dina and Serge
Sosin, Matthew and Julie
Stathis, Ioannis and Anastasia
Stein, Michael and Tracey
Stein, William (Bill) and Deborah
Sternberg, Michael and Lisa Oshoa
Stowers, Megan and Ben Riggan
Strauss, Stephanie and William Schultz
Stutz, Sidney and Barbara
Sullivan, Judith and John Wagnitz
Teets, Micah and Jennifer Smith
Terebelo, Howard and Robin
Thayer, Nancy and Russell
Tonkin, Nick and Ann
Tredwell, Jay and Molly
Trosch, Richard and Leah
Umanath, Kausik and Vaishnavi Kannan
Walker, William and Carol
Wasvary, Harry and Rebecca
Watkins, John
Weiner, S. Evan and Gwen
Weiner, Stewart and Cheryl
Weingarden, Mark and Kathleen
Weisberg, Lori
Witt, Susan
Wolfe, Phillip and Kristen
Wolpin, Howard and Perle
Work, Michael and Alice Knoebel
Wright, Dianne
Yeaton, Jack and Brenda
Yourofsky, Jason and Wendy
Zamier, Chad and Elory
Zaski, Frank and Ervin, Luvetia
Zerafa, Kenneth and Gorica
Ziff, Marjorie and Steve
Kutzen, Dennis and Julie Harrison
Gallasch, Fred and Mary Hepler
Andahazy, Janice (JP)
Cohen, Gerald and Karen
Saulson, Marjorie and Saul
Sayed, Abdullah and Esha
Abentrod, Keith and Susan
Bancroft, Stephen and Margaret
Beke, Al and Margaret  (Gail)
Bunting, Ross and Barbara
Butchart, Elizabeth and Brian
Day, Peggy Lynn
Ernst, Judy and Stephen
Gans, Beth
Goldstein, Andrew and Julie
Goodman, Rob and Jodi
Hughes, Brian
Jacob, James and Denise
Klein, Mitchell and Carol
Mcdonald, Burnell and Ronda
Pikulas, Catherine
Polan, Jane
Raminick, Dena and David
Schulz, Stanley and Judith
Segal, Laura
Serman, Linda and Jeffrey
Zachritz, Katelyn and Gamez, Adam
Ohm, Mark and Jamie Loehrke
Smartt, Ernestine
Starr, Robert and Katherine
Urban, Thomas and Andrea


If you’re not an FCA member, please consider joining or making a donation to the Franklin Community Association.

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